Razorcake #82 from 2014 featuring Baby J (Can Of Beans, Stoned At Heart), One Punk’s Guide To Bizarro Fiction, Wayne Kramer, DFMK, and Hard Girls

Razorcake #82 from 2014 featuring Cody Liam (Can Of Beans, Stoned At Heart), One Punk’s Guide To Bizarro Fiction, Wayne Kramer, DFMK, and Hard Girls

Oct 20, 2020

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Cover design by Todd Taylor and Daryl Gussin
Photo by Shanty Cheryl

Cody Liam: Todd Taylor, Simon Sotelo, and Bianca get to know the unstoppable Cody of Can Of Beans and Stoned At Heart fame. Life is complicated and you can end up in places you swore you’d never go. Is identity a thread that you follow from adolescence to the present or is it something that is always being defined by your choices and actions? Great people don’t always make great music, but holy shit lookout when they do. Cody is smooth, confident, and one hell of a songwriter.

One Punk’s Guide To Bizarro Fiction: Have you ever heard of Bizarro fiction? I sure hadn’t before I read this. MP Johnson provides a hilarious and touching primer to the mutant black sheep genre of the literary scene. Would you like to see a food fight at a reading? Have you ever wondered if a chronically masturbating walrus has hopes of space travel? Can a burger be satanic? I’ve read MP’s most recent novel, the fantastic Dungeons & Drag Queens, and I can assure you he is highly qualified to teach us punks about Bizarro fiction. Fuckin’ rad.

Wayne Kramer: Jeff Proctor talks to Wayne Kramer (MC5) about his non-profit Jail Guitar Doors. Mr. Kramer started Jail Guitar Doors with Billy Bragg after spending some time in prison. Jail Guitar Doors puts instruments in the hands of the incarcerated in hopes of providing inmates with something positive during their time in prison. Framed with some MC5 back story, Mr. Kramer explains how he became politically involved with the MC5, how he went to prison, and the convergence of the two after prison.

DFMK: Rene Navarro and Daryl Gussin get wild with Tijuana’s DFMK. Live (?) grenades, machetes and X-Acto knives on the beach, skateboards and tanks on the freeway, Charlie Brown life lessons, American burgers, and the looming presence of the Mexican/American border. Needless to say: this is a great fucking interview.

Hard Girls: Hilarious. This interview is hilarious. Sean Arenas and Todd Taylor interview Hard Girls and hilarity ensues. The sommelier is drinking Bud Light Lime. You can still pee when you’re depressed. Mike is (officially) the best guitar player in San Jose. Falling asleep at a random house on tour to Tank Girl while a loop of Family Guy plays terrifyingly loud from the next room all night long. A must read.

Sean Carswell is waiting for the train with a yeti and no financial reward.

Jim Ruland is on acid and talking to the giant bloated baby head of Hunter S. Thompson.

Ben Snakepit is now a homeowner and making budget air conditioners.

Liz Prince is going to comic conventions with her pants on.

Cassie J. Sneider confronts Mr. Dog Shit and the inevitability of the fist pump.

Rev. Nørb is imagining a world without “Blitzkrieg Bop.”

Designated Dale
learns about the death of Tommy Ramone.

Rhythm Chicken
celebrates the life of Tommy Ramone with some wiggish ruckus.

Art Fuentes
is petting his little pet until it squirts.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
is a liar and a sleep kicker.

Kari Hamanaka is still trying to figure out what she is, so stop asking.

Adrian Chi illustrates the highlights of the most recent Spokenest tour.

gets down with Bushwick Bill and examines his toe tag.

And photos from the lovely and talented:

Shanty Cheryl

Dan Monick

This issue is dedicated to Tommy Ramone. Today your love, tomorrow the world mon frère.

Razorcake Tommy Ramone interview from 2009

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