Razorcake #70

Razorcake #70 from 2012, featuring Lenguas Largas, Big Eyes, Wreck Of The Zephyr, Jake Austen of Roctober, Metta World Peace

Dec 10, 2018

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Cover by Jason Willis (website)

Based on photos by Robert El Diablo and Shanty Cheryl

Lenguas Largas: Interview by Todd Taylor. Members of most Tucson bands. Lots of them. Southwest psych rock that’ll get all the man booties shaking. (facebook)

Big Eyes: Interview by Taiga Dinger and Félix Reyes. They tour so much you might not realize it, but these guys love The Fastbacks so much they moved to Seattle. (websitefacebook)

Wreck Of The Zephyr: Interview by Todd Taylor and Daryl Gussin. They were from Boston, now L.A. They may very well be the first pralt-country band to make that move. (bandcamp, facebook)

Jake Austen of Roctober:
Interview by Ryan Leach. Between his long-running zine, band, and Chicago public access TV show Chic-A-Go-Go, you could call him the Steve Martin of DIY ethics. (facebook)

Sean Carswell is 100% solid.

Jim Ruland knows what all his tattoos mean. (instagram, website, twitter)

Amy Adoyzie knows how to make a mixed tape. (twitter, blog)

Liz Prince knows how to procrastinate. (website, twitter)

Designated Dale loves living in the city.

Rev. Nørb is another year older. (website)

Gary Hornberger is a lot of years older.

The Rhythm Chicken shares stories of Freddy K, the Door County Polka King. (facebook)

Ben Snakepit only hates ten things.  (website)

Kiyoshi Nakazawa knows how to get kicked out of a bar. (website)

Adrian Chi spends time on the train.

Art Fuentes spends a lot of time thinking. (instagram, twitter)

Nardwuar talks hip hop with Metta World Peace. (twitter, facebook)

Mitch Clem is on watch. (twitter)

And a whole mess of reviews (with even more online).

This issue is dedicated to the marriage of Daryl Gussin and Adrian Chi.

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