Razorcake #69 from 2012, featuring Canadian Rifle

Razorcake #69 from 2012, featuring Canadian Rifle, The Consumers, So Cow, John Wesley Coleman, Ghostface Killah

Oct 25, 2018

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Cover by Kiyoshi Nakazawa
Based on photos by Patrick Houdek

Canadian Rifle: Interview by Todd Taylor. Gritty Midwest punk that’s just a little off. Breaking rules and their own hands, they don’t even follow the conventions of their hometown’s pizza.

The Consumers: Interview by Ryan Leach. Revisiting the history of Arizona’s first punk band.

So Cow: Interview by Kevin Dunn. Solo songwriting turned full pop indie punk band; they can’t even be contained to one country.

John Wesley Coleman: Interview by Ryan Leach. Straight from Texas, he tells us he kept failing trying to write songs. If this is his definition of failing, we hope he never succeeds.

Sean Carswell is back in the USSR.

Jim Ruland
believes in Magic Johnson.

Amy Adoyzie
is hanging in there.

Liz Prince
prefers to be alone.

Art Fuentes prefers to make you laugh.

Designated Dale
stands by his old man.

Rev. Nørb
misses hardcore and Mrs. Farrell.

Gary Hornberger
loves teaching kids and reviewing comics.

The Rhythm Chicken remembers Die Kreuzen.

Ben Snakepit
likes exactly ten things.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
watches what he eats.

Adrian Chi
went on tour.

Nardwuar interviews Ghostface Killah.

Mitch Clem loves his puns at any cost.

And a ton of reviews to help you ignore that it’s ass-hot out.

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Uncle Mike and Bowie the Cat.

It’s also a celebration of the marriages of Samantha Beerhouse and Mark McBride and Josh Brown and Dalyn Luedtke.

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