Razorcake #68 from 2012, featuring Tenement

Razorcake #68 from 2012, featuring Tenement, The Stains, Amy Oden, Dresden

Sep 20, 2018

Razorcake #68 from 2012, featuring Tenement

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Cover by Todd Taylor
Photo by Reid Haithcock

Tenement: Interview by Justin Telephone. Wisconsin punk rock that’s equally poppy, heavy and noisy. In the grand tradition of the Descendents, Ergs!, Die Kreuzen, and John Coltrane.

The Stains:
Interview by Jimmy Alvarado. A continued oral history of one of the godfathers of Los Angeles punk rock. The exciting conclusion.

Amy Oden:
Interview by Paul J. Comeau. Many people make a big deal about women in bands. Amy Oden made a kickass documentary about it, From the Back of the Room.

Dresden: Interview by Emma Johnson. More Midwest metal and crust. They’re so heavy, they’re from D-isconsin.

Sean Carswell
is a fan of pirate radio.

Jim Ruland has a wonderful life.

Amy Adoyzie
has lots and lots of letters.

Liz Prince
and Mitch Clem debate pop punk.

Designated Dale
knows how to be in a band.

Rev. Nørb takes his records seriously.

Gary Hornberger
loves Canada, Dr. Seuss, and comics.

The Rhythm Chicken
celebrates some holidays.

Ben Snakepit
is with the times.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
probably goes through lots of hand sanitizer.

Adrian Chi
goes to Costa Rica.

Plus plenty of reviews to tide you over these long summer nights.

This issue is dedicated to the marriage of Lil’ Larry and Kid Kevin.


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