Razorcake #67 from 2012, featuring The Stains

Razorcake #67 from 2012, featuring The Stains, Cheap Time, Dead Uncle, Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees

Aug 23, 2018

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Cover by Todd Taylor
Photo by Jimmy Alvarado

The Stains: Interview by Jimmy Alvarado. Straight up, an oral of one of the godfathers of Los Angeles punk rock. For a band of this caliber, you’d better believe this will be a two parter.

Cheap Time: Interview by Ryan Leach. There’s more to Memphis Tennessee than the garage rock of Jay Reatard and Greg Cartwright. Like Jeffrey Novak, who have ties to both of them.

Dead Uncles: Interview by Dave Brainwreck. Considering how close they are to Yale—and the hard-hitting poppy punk they play—it’s not surprising these guys have managed to get kicked out of medical studies.

Sean Carswell
has got some good stories.

Jim Ruland
has some good tattoo advice.

Amy Adoyzie
needs a goddamn job.

Liz Prince
needs to get off the internet.

Mitch Clem
isn’t a dog person.

Maddy Tight Pants is the first polar punk.

Rev. Nørb
is welcomed back.

interviews Micky Dolenz.

The Rhythm Chicken
celebrates another year hatched.

Designated Dale loves rock’n’roll and Mexican food.

Ben Snakepit
hates sports.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
loves being over twenty one.

Adrian Chi lives in a busy house.

Gary Hornberger
hates campus police, but loves comics.

Art Fuentes loves Street Figher, but hates dicks from the internet.

And enough reviews to get you good and ready for porch season.

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Mike Kelley.


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