Razorcake #65 from 2011, featuring Gateway District, James Arthur, Street Eaters, One Punk’s Guide to Professional Soccer, Book Publishing, and Corporate Ideology, and Geddy Lee of Rush

Jun 21, 2018

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Cover by Jason Willis

Cover photo by Rachel Murray Framingheddu

Gateway District: Interview by Todd Taylor. You could call it “We like playing” punk rock from Minneapolis. The important thing is that they sound like Off With Their Heads fronted by a woman.

James Arthur:
Interview by Ryan Leach. He may not be a devil worshipper, but he can sure play some music like some.

Street Eaters:
Interview by Todd Taylor and Adrian Chi. Weirdo noise from the Bay Area. Imagine if Wings sounded like Motörhead, and you’ve got a starting point.

One Punk’s Guide to Professional Soccer, Book Publishing, and Corporate Ideology:
Article by Sean Carswell. You might not think there’s much common ground or a bridge between hooligans, authors, and punks, but here we are.

Sean Carswell
might be Brad Beshaw’s biggest fan.

Jim Ruland
asks too many questions at the hospital.

Maddy Tight Pants
tries being a dietician.

Mitch Clem
is cruising for something.

has a phone conversation with Geddy Lee of Rush.

Rev. Nørb
needs a goddamn job.

Liz Prince doesn’t want to grow up.

Art Fuentes
draws the past ten years.

The Rhythm Chicken
thinks about throwing in the chicken-sized towel.

Designated Dale is stoked on the last ten years.

Ben Snakepit
isn’t so stoked on his kidney stone.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
likes a girl.

Adrian Chi is a realist.

Gary Hornberger
loves Dick Dale and comics.

Amy Adoyzie will always manage to find the joy.

Paul J. Comeau writes a retrospective guest column.

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