Razorcake #63 from 2011

Razorcake #63 from 2011, featuring Ben Cook, Tutu & The Pirates, Jack Grisham, Found Footage Festival, Lil Wayne

Apr 16, 2018

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Cover design by Kevin Carle (Cali-Mucho!)
Cover photos by Danielle Nemet

Ben Cook: Interview by Todd Taylor. If someone had records by the Marvelous Darlings, Young Governor, Yacht Club, and Fucked Up, you’d probably have some good things to say. This guy’s been in all those bands, and has plenty of things to say.

Tutu & The Pirates:
Interview by Joe Losurdo. The original Chicago weird dudes are back. Is it any surprise that a band this nuts needed a thirty year rest?

Found Footage Festival:
Interview by Billups Allen. Before there was YouTube, these guys found all sorts of weird stuff on video tapes. And they’re still doing it.

Jack Grisham:
Interview by Julia Smut. The original TSOL frontman. Some people think that people like Charlie Sheen are badass. Those people would cry if they met Jack Grisham.

Sean Carswell
can take a lot of art.

Jim Ruland
will get you through the night.

Maddy Tight Pants
wants you to vote.

Mitch Clem
loves the ‘90s.

talks to Lil Wayne about alligators.

Rev. Nørb
is more deserving of a bobblehead than Dwight Schrute.

Art Fuentes
’s little girl is growing up.

The Rhythm Chicken
is hard at work living the Americhicken dream.

Designated Dale believes in miracles.

Ben Snakepit
is getting married.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
is more like Anthony Weiner than he’d like to admit.

Adrian Chi went on tour.

Gary Hornberger
is nothing like Anthony Weiner.

Nate Gangelhoff writes a guest column about Star Wars.

And plenty of reviews to help you find some to listen to out on the porch.


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