Razorcake #60

Razorcake #60 from 2011, featuring Red Dons, Ari Up, Rations, Wyn Davis, How to Start Your Own DIY Record Label, Drake

Jan 25, 2018

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Red Dons: Interview by Dave Williams. It takes a certain kind of band to bring up images of both World War II and Patrick Swayze. But this Northwest/international punk band pulls it off somehow, and we love them for it. (http://www.reddons.com/)

How to Start Your Own DIY Record Label: Article by Kevin Dunn. A comprehensive look on what’s going on in the world of DIY labels, and tips on how to become a part of it.

Wyn Davis: Interview by Ryan Leach. After helping to engineer countless classic punk rock records, including a bulk of the SST catalog, Wyn Davis shares some of his most memorable stories.

Rations: Interview by Fat Rich. If it was ever possible to have a full spectrum in one band, it would look and sound like Rations. They may lead dual lives, but it only helps add to the depth of the songs.

Ari Up: Remembrance by Jennifer Whiteford. Our resident riot lddy recaps the influence the Slits front woman had on her, as well as everyone else.

And remembering Broken Bottles’ Jess The Mess by Chris Peigler.

Sean Carswell answers the question, “What do you consider the greatest dick and poop moments in literature?”

Jim Ruland is well prepared for taco prohibition.

Amy Adoyzie asks a lot of questions.

Mitch Clem is just like everyone else into punk rock ever.

Nardwuar talks to rapper Drake about breasts and Degrassi.

Rev. Nørb breaks down how miracles work.

Art Fuentes has pretty great taste in music.

The Rhythm Chicken is living proof that ruckus is the best medicine.

Designated Dale has been practicing for his new band his entire life.

Ben Snakepit actually didn’t hate Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa is a master of one-upsmanship.

Adrian Chi doesn’t need a car for anything, except ice cream.

Gary Hornberger reserves the right to sit back and enjoy some comics.

And more reviews than the amount of snow storms that the rest of the country has seen this year.

This issue is dedicated to the memories of Jess The Mess and Leslie Nielsen.

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