Razorcake #57 - Noam Chomsky

Razorcake #57 from 2010, featuring Noam Chomsky, Thee Undertakers, Daylight Robbery, The Films of Pedro Almodovar, and Snoop Dogg

Oct 19, 2017

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Cover artwork by Danny Martin

Noam Chomsky: Interview by Ryan Leach. Is it appropriate to make fart jokes about notable political philosophers? To be fair, even those who theorize about socialism still have to fart.

Thee Undertakers:
Interview by Jimmy Alvarado. Classic L.A. punks take some time to share their stories, this time focusing on their beginnings, the East L.A. scene, and their sole album. Part II of II.

Daylight Robbery: Interview by Annie Saunders and Sarah Ryczek. A lot of people get into punk rock for a feeling of family, but this band lives it. Though, most families don’t churn out dark, classic ‘70s-influenced punk rock.

The Films of Pedro Almodovar:
Article by Billups Allen. If you’ve ever thought about getting into the work of this notable filmmaker, here’s as good a place as any to start.

Sean Carswell
may have trouble remembering, but he knows what he likes.

Jim Ruland
is a big fan of small things.

Amy Adoyzie knows how to pack for traveling.

Mitch Clem
has been watching a lot of Dr. Who.

Ben Snakepit technically doesn’t have a story about G.G. Allin.

Rev. Nørb
technically doesn’t have a 10 ½.

Art Fuentes is pretty creative when it comes to artists block.

The Rhythm Chicken
is redefining the meaning of ruckus.

Designated Dale
is a proud member of the KISS army.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
knows his barflies.

Adrian Chi has learned a few things about playing shows.

Gary Hornberger
probably didn’t pay much attention in jury duty.

Nardwuar speaks with Snoop Dogg, again!

And the same old absurd amount of record, zine, book, and DVD reviews.

This issue is dedicated to the memories of Alan Sillitoe and Alex Chilton.

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