Razorcake 56

Razorcake #56 from 2010, featuring Thee Undertakers, Billy Bragg, Dude Jams

Sep 21, 2017

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Cover by Gene Doney
Cover photos by Dana Curran (dirtylittlecity.com)

Thee Undertakers:
Interview by Jimmy Alvarado. Classic L.A. punks take some time to share their stories. Part I of II.

Billy Bragg:
Interview by Lauren Measure and Replay Dave. We’d call him something like “the classic folk singer-meets punk activist,” if it didn’t infer he wasn’t still active as ever.

Dude Jams:
Interview by Chris Mason. “Dude” is right. One guy and an ever-revolving cast of other guys playing fucked-up Ramones-core makes them one of the most aptly named bands ever.

Cheap Girls

Sean Carswell is going to do whatever it takes to see the World Cup.

Jim Ruland
is too high to drive.

Amy Adoyzie is a big, funny hustler.

Mitch Clem
doesn’t make a lot of prank phone calls.

Ben Snakepit has gone through a ton of vans.

Rev. Nørb
’s least favorite Batman villain is Two-Face.

Art Fuentes has his limits.

The Rhythm Chicken
is planning his comeback tour.

Designated Dale
won’t admit the Ghostbusters theme is fucking great.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
is a drunken master of bar etiquette.

Adrian Chi can tell you a lot of things about a cactus.

Gary Hornberger
loves his uncle and comics.

Maddy Tight Pants was listening to Woody Guthrie way before he was cool.

Nardwuar takes on some winter Olympians.

And a ton of reviews to help pick out some good records for porch season.

This issue is dedicated to Jesse Renee Clarke. Congratulations Skinny Dan and KT!

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