Razorcake Issue 55

Razorcake #55 from 2010, featuring Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Ringers, Oi Polloi, Bruce Moreland (Wall Of Voodoo, Skulls, Nervous Gender)

Aug 17, 2017

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Cover by Todd Taylor, with apologies to The Ink Spots
Cover photo by BullyRook

Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Interview by Todd Taylor. They sound like they’re a professional wrestling move, but they’re actually a pretty rad punk/garage rock band from Australia. By that we mean “the best of both worlds.”

Interview by Dave Brainwreck and Brian Damage. If you could take a band from the first wave of ‘70s punk, have them fit into today’s modern DIY scene, and they managed to get into even deeper shit, they’d probably sound like these guys.

Oi Polloi:
Interview by Kevin Dunn. Scotland’s premier socio/political punk band, who aren’t humorless jerks. Before there was Craig Fergesun, there were these guys.

Bruce Moreland:
Interview by Ryan Leach. He’s been in tons of bands, like Wall Of Voodoo, The Skulls, and Nervous Gender. The latest in our series of interviews/profiles of punk lifers.

Sean Carswell
reflects on the life of Howard Zinn.

Jim Ruland
has a rough commute.

Amy Adoyzie leads a pretty fulfilling life.

Mitch Clem has Ms. Pac Man fever.

Ben Snakepit loves his dogs.

Rev. Nørb
is dü-ing it in 2010.

Art Fuentes will hopefully cheer up soon.

The Rhythm Chicken is resting in his pen.

Designated Dale
loves him some AC/DC.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
doesn’t need to go to church. He tips.

Dave Williams was a teenage zinester.

Gary Hornberger
loves dudes who talk to their chairs.

Maddy Tight Pants remembers Jay Reatard.

And as always, more reviews than you’ll even know what to do with.

This issue is dedicated to the memories of Howard Zinn, Jay Reatard, and Olga Ruskin.

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