Razorcake #52 from 2009, featuring The Brokedowns, Tiltwheel, Part III, 16, The Coathangers, Fallujah 71, Kathy Griffin, and Lily Tomlin

May 22, 2017

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Cover illustration by Steve Larder, http://www.stevelarder.co.uk/

The Brokedowns: Interview by Megan Pants. They come recommended by The Arrivals and Dillinger Four, sound like both of them at once, and seem to know a lot of terrible people. (http://www.thebrokedowns.com/)

Tiltwheel, Part III:
Interview by Todd Taylor. Seeing as this is the band that’s been referenced no less than three times every issue, here’s part three of this interview. This time with J. and Paul. (https://www.facebook.com/tiltwheel/)

Interview by Matt Average and Donofthedead. Brutal metal from L.A. who, conveniently enough, have actually been around for sixteen years. (https://16theband.bandcamp.com/)

The Coathangers:
Interview by Chris Peigler. Arty jams that manage to be somewhat political, without being political. (https://www.facebook.com/TheCoathangersATL/)

Fallujah 71:
Interview by Lisa Weiss. Angry young kids. We mean it. They’re not going to be even close to seventy one any time soon.

Liz O. is a fan of trains.

Jim Ruland
is a fan of drinking on trains.

Maddy Tight Pants is a fan of political scandal.

Adrian Chi debuts Bite The Cactus.

Mitch Clem somehow managed to turn in a column.

Ben Snakepit is the king of beers.

Rev. Nørb nearly killed himself during the Boris The Sprinkler reunion.

Art Fuentes doesn’t always understand kids.

The Rhythm Chicken
is banned from Baltimore, but not the sea.

Designated Dale
is getting married!

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
teaches us how to fart.

gets a glimpse of life on the d-list with Kathy Griffin and Lily Tomlin.

Gary Hornberger
knows his shit about golf, and comics.

Sean Carswell
knows his shit about Indiana, PA.

And of course, a double decker train’s worth of reviews (that’s a lot).

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