Razorcake #51 from 2009, Featuring The Underground Railroad To Candyland, Cobra Skulls, Tiltwheel, Part II, Tom Morello, Whoa Oh Records, Tom Morello

Apr 10, 2017

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Cover Illustration by Jason Willis: http://jasonwillis.com/

The Underground Railroad To Candyland: Interview by Todd Taylor and Matt Army. If Fugazi was fronted by the stoners from Fast Times at Ridgemont High you’d have Underground Railroad. Investigative questions by Todd Taylor, fantasy baseball commentary by Matt Army. (http://www.theundergroundrailroadtocandyland.com/)

Whoa Oh Records:
Interview by Joe Evans III. There’s a good chance you own something he put out, now what makes Jonnie Whoa Oh tick. (http://www.whoaohrecords.com/)

Cobra Skulls:
Interview by Mr. Z. Politically charged, poppy/ska-influenced punk rock that’s similar to Dead To Me, Against Me!, and Against All Authority. They’ve even got an Argentinean dude in the band, and manage to not talk about soccer the whole time. (https://www.facebook.com/cobraskulls/)

Tiltwheel, Part II:
Interview by Todd Taylor. Like their drinking budget, this interview was simply too big. Part two of two. (https://www.facebook.com/Tiltwheel-45860575871/)

Razorcake Remembrance from the Trenches: A compilation of contributors stories and anecdotes with the magazine over the past few years.

Liz O doesn’t fly that often.

Jim Ruland
likes intense museums.

Maddy Tight Pants has heard of some weird protests.

Amy Adoyzie needs a goddamn job.

Ben Snakepit gets R. Kelly’d by a dog.

Rev. Nørb has made the big time.

Art Fuentes is somehow still alive.

The Rhythm Chicken
plays his biggest gigs ever.

Designated Dale
loves laughing at children getting hurt.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
draws about sex.

interviews Tom Morello.

Gary Hornberger
hates modern cereal box prizes, loves comics.

Sean Carswell
loves books, hates book fairs.

And the whole mess of reviews you’ve come to expect. We hit FIFTY ONE issues, and still do what the fuck we want.

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