Razorcake <3’s Drinking Beer & Listening to Records - February Edition

Feb 05, 2017

Hello everyone out there in Razorcakeland!

We're excited to be heading back to Footsies Saturday February 11th, where we're blowing off some post-inauguration steam with a killer rendition of our patented punk rock happy hour. This month we're stoked to bring in an all-start rotation of vinyl selectors in Dumbag Daryl, Meztli Dagger, and Jade One-Hitter!

And as always there will be healthy doses of drink specials to keep you well lubricated, as well as heaping piles of Razorcake shwag to take home, including zines, t-shirts, buttons, koozies, and more!

Come join us for a rousing evening of adult beverages and awesome tunes!
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Saturday February 11th
5 PM - 10 PM
Footsies - 2640 N. Figueroa St., LA, 90065
(just steps from the Lincoln/Cypress Gold Line station)

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