Razorcake ❤️️s Drinking Beer & Listening to Records - March Edition

Mar 05, 2017

We're super stoked to announce the March edition of our patented punk rock happy hour, Razorcake ❤️️s Drinking Beer and Listening to Records!

Saturday March 11th we're taking over the turntables at our favorite NELA watering hole, Footsies with a killer crew of wax jockeys, including: Miss Yvonne Drazan, DJ Hazy Jane (of KChung Radio's Hungry Wolves show), and a first timer at our events, Razorcake illustrator Bill Pinkel! All this, plus our cups overfloweth with drink specials, and a heaping pile of loot (zines, stickers, buttons, koozies, etc.) to take home.

So, get yourselves outta this lousy Smarch weather and head to Footsies! Huzzah!

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Saturday March 11th
5 PM – 10 PM
Footsies – 2640 N. Figueroa St., LA, 90065
(just steps from the Lincoln/Cypress Gold Line station)

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