RAZORBLADES & ASPIRIN #6, $10 U.S./$15 world, 8½” x 11”, glossy color, 36 pgs.

Dec 10, 2019

This is an incredibly well-designed, intense music fanzine. There are lots of glossy color photos of bands showing a range of emotions in their live performance. The cover with Iron Reagan hits the reader with the vocalist screaming and looking half-crazed. Open the cover and there’s the singer from Night Birds with the microphone cable stuck between his teeth and yanking hard on the mic. One after another the photos strike with intensity and crazed faces. Band members look like they’re about to explode—the music has been captured in photographic form. There are a few dozen photos in this zine and not a bad one in the lot. In addition, there are album reviews and interviews with Lupus and Byllepest. Ten bucks seems a bit steep, especially since it’s predominantly photographs, but this is one of the finer quality zines I’ve ever seen, so it makes it almost worth it. –Kurt Morris (PO Box 23173, Richmond, VA 23223)