RAZORBLADES AND ASPIRIN #9, $10, 8½” x 11”, printed, 68 pgs.

Aug 11, 2020

I heard. That’s the thing that bums me out—every time this zine has been mentioned, every single time, there have been nothing but accolades. And I didn’t listen. And now, finally, this issue arrives, and it’s everything everyone has said. M. Thorn has put together an absolutely gorgeous, bonkers issue, with amazing photographs throughout. I don’t know if every issue has a focus on photographers like this one does: interviews with Teppei Miki, Michelle Olaya, and Jeka Arza focus on the craft and execution of punk photography. Sial, Jeremy Dean, and Anti-Cimex also get some time here. Please, don’t be a dipshit like I was (am): do your future self a favor and seek this one out. –Michael T. Fournier (razorbladesandaspirin.bigcartel.com)