RAZORBLADES AND ASPIRIN #9, $10, 8½” x 11”, full color printed, 72 pgs.

I wouldn’t really call this a zine—Razorblades and Aspirin is an incredibly slick, professional, full-color, full-on magazine, which I believe is produced by former MRR coordinator Mike Thorn. The whole shebang kicks off with a series of four short interviews with punk/hardcore photographers from around the world: Teppei Miki (Japan), Jeka Arza (Indonesia), Philip Monahan (Canada), and Michelle Olaya (Germany). This sets the tone appropriately, as the whole magazine is pretty photo-centric. There are also interviews with graphic artists Jeremy Dean and Alex Heir, audio engineer Liz Rose (924 Gilman), bands Sial (Singapore) and the Royal Hounds… Did I miss anyone? There’s a fantastic history of Anti Cimex (a must-read!), and music and print reviews. I’ll admit, the cover photo (some hardcore dudes doing their mosh poses and modeling their matching sportswear in the pit while the shirtless vocalist points and hardcore-jumps) rubbed me the wrong way at first. Looking beyond that, this zine looks fantastic, the layout is immaculate, and the content is unique and top-notch. –Buddha (Razorblades and Aspirin, PO Box 23173, Richmond, VA 23223, [email protected])