RAZORBLADES AND ASPIRIN #14, $10, 8½” x 11”, printed, 80 pgs.

May 24, 2022

I always hype new issues of this gorgeous full-color fanzine in these pages. The level of attention to detail and care editor M. Thorn brings to every issue is phenomenal: he’s using his platform to elevate punk photographers and their work, and to hype bands he likes. It’s been a bit since the last issue—the rigorous four-a-year pace must have been a grind—so maybe my nerdy heart has grown fonder of this one as a result of the absence. Photogs Chrisy Salinas, Matt Gabell, and Zack Rogers get spotlights, and interviewees include The Chisel, Bootlicker, Jim Saah, and Roger Miret (talking about his record collection)! Punk is doing what you can with what you have. M. Thorn has the skills to pull off this level of quality—don’t be dissuaded by the price or the gloss. Razorblades and Aspirin slays. –Michael T. Fournier  (PO Box 23173, Richmond, VA 23223, razorbladesandaspirin.com)

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