RAVI SHAVI: Independent: 12”

Sep 22, 2016

Garage pop that occasionally uses the Arabic scale in their verses. (You know the one. It’s in almost every surf rock song since the ‘60s.) It feels a lot like the garage rock from the Sonics era but prettied up enough to pass for twenty-one instead of seventy-five. And this might just be a personal choice, but I could have gone for shorter choruses. Some of them felt like they got so caught up in the drone of their nursery rhyme chanting that they lost count at some point and just kept going. Despite my reservations, the band members sell their roles well as a unit. The music is undeniably coordinated and with purpose. It’s a stoned-out beach day and you’re hearing the music of a blown-out stereo, serenading the landscape with “last call” music before everybody packs up their gear. Want a hit? –Bryan Static (Almost Ready, almostreadyrecords.com)

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