RATA NEGRA: Una Vida Vulgar: LP

May 25, 2021

As on the band’s previous long player there was a progression in its sound, Una Vida Vulgar again finds some changes in play. There is a clearer quality to the recording along with a push towards a varied sound. This can be evidenced on the gloriously poppy “El Escarmiento” and “Cuando me Muera,” which has a Phil Spector-ish quality to it. That’s not to say there is an absence of moody post-punk, as that is still there, but I find the album has a lot more to offer in diversity than its predecessors. Some bands are unable to stick to the same formula. Rata Negra is one of those, pushing itself forward and taking new directions without losing sight of where it came from. Whatever the sound, Rata Negra creates a sense of movement, a need for songs to be danced to, and I find myself being drawn right into the heart of this record. A wonderful album and one which deserves to be widely recognized as such. –Rich Cocksedge (La Vida Es Un Mus, [email protected], lavidaesunmus.com)

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