RAT SEX / GALORE: Complete Works 2019-2021: CS

Jan 27, 2023

“Rat Sex” is the name of the band on the first side, “Galore” is the name of the band on the other side. Presumably both bands are pissed they didn’t think to call themselves “Rat Sex Galore” and be done with it (you’d think they would have jumped on that name immediately since the bands share a couple of members, one of whom is the beloved Chuck Loose of one-time ’90s punk darlings The Crumbs). When Rat Sex break out the keyboards, they sound like a cross between The Screamers and “Highway Star”-era Deep Purple; when the keyboards are either submerged or AWOL, they sound more like Fang. Galore also sound a bit like Fang—sort of hard and fuzzy and reminiscent of a man attempting to vomit out his soul on stage—but slightly lubricated with Jimmy Pursey’s saliva. Or am I thinking of Antiseen? Either way, when this stuff is on, it’s exhilaratingly antisocial. BEST SONG: Rat Sex, “Shut Up and Die!” BEST SONG TITLE: I suppose there’s no avoiding Galore’s “You Can Save a Man from Burning to Death by Shooting Him in the Head,” but I kind of like “Black Lobster” for some reason. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Spiritual Advisor: Mickey the Cat. –Rev. Nørb (Tequesta)

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