RASH DECISION: Year of the Silence: LP/CD

Mar 15, 2022

Rash Decision has been around for a while now and this is the Cornish quartet’s fourth album. It once again finds them providing an ear-aching amalgam of punk/hardcore/metal. There’s no real nonsense once Rash Decision hits the boards, and although the pace shifts now and again, this is a barnstormer of an album. Year of the Silence has a crisp and clear production which I allows the band to be heard at its powerful best. All band members are highly proficient at their chosen instrument and this comes through clearly, resulting in a mighty onslaught. The eighteen tracks race by and it’s definitely a record that gets repeated plays here. It’s probably the band’s best effort so far. I have to mention the last time I saw Rash Decision live, opening for Discharge in Plymouth, U.K, already, a two hour drive from the band’s base in Cornwall. After a blitzkrieg twenty five minute set, the band set off on a hundred and forty five mile trek to Newport in Wales, played another set, and then travelled in excess of four hours back home straight after. A mighty impressive achievement in my book and testament to the band’s work ethic. –Rich Cocksedge (Dead Invoices, [email protected], deadinvoicesrecords.bigcartel.com / Pumpkin, pumpkinrecords.co.uk / No Time, notimerecords.com / Pyrrhic Defeat, pyrrhicdefeatrecords.limitedrun.com / Blind Destruction, blinddestructionrecords.bigcartel.com / Charlie’s Big Ray Gun, cbrgrecords.co.uk)