RANCID VAT: Radio Rampage ’96: LP

Jan 05, 2022

Rancid Vat holds a special place in my personal punk history since one of the first used LPs I bought was a copy of their 1985 album Burger Belsen. Originally hailing from Portland in 1981, the band relocated to Philadelphia before settling in Texas in later years. Their insanely large discography totals over sixty releases. Previously available on CD only, Radio Rampage ’96 makes its vinyl debut on this killer edition that is attainable on opaque red or black vinyl. The packaging is excellent and it’s a pleasure hearing this classic recording as an LP. Recorded live by Pat Duncan at the legendary WFMU on November 21, 1996, this set presents Rancid Vat at their best, with vocals by the Cosmic Commander of Wrestling, who died tragically in 2013 due to a motorcycle accident. Founding and current members Marla Vee and Phil Irwin also appear in this lineup, as does Eric Perfect on drums. Blending a slew of influences from country to hardcore, Rancid Vat remains one of the most unique long-running bands. Featured in their prime on this recording, it’s a blast to revisit. –Art Ettinger (Scat Boy)