RANCID HELL SPAWN: Eat My Cigarette: 7”

Sep 22, 2016

Goddammit, this album art is disturbing as fuck, but in a really great way. Picture a bagpipe made from your average U.S. politician—an overweight and balding, old-ass white dude’s head and torso, nipples prominent, topless, being played by another dude of the same build, but with a goat head (seriously, google this shit pronto). Can’t unsee it, but I like. Rancid Hell Spawn is fronted, written, recorded, produced, and released by one Charlie Chainsaw, a stalwart of the London punk rock scene practically since its inception damn near forty years ago. Still keeping it brutal, fuzzy, and bizarrely melodic. Way to stick with the program! –Jackie Rusted (Wrench, wrench.org)