Nov 22, 2017

The best I can say about this tape is that sounds way better than anything I’ve heard from this band in the past. I remember their first album coming out a few years ago and sounding like it was recorded inside a tin can. I get being punk as fuck, but there’s a line where music becomes noise, friends. I’ll do my best not to be an electric guitar purist here. Pat the Bunny delivers sick, sad, poppy folk punk in the same way he’s always done, but now with more instruments. The songwriting is solid as always. The band has stretched further into sounding like a Neutral Milk Hotel sound-alike, but that’s fine by me. More horns and fancy instrumentation than ever before. I’d go so far to say that this is the album that I always hoped the band had in them. I’m glad they got to make it. I am to understand this album marks the retirement of Pat the Bunny from punk music. Sad if true, but I guess if you look inwards and find yourself no longer connected to the movement you staked land in, there’s little reason to stay. Cheers to Pat the Bunny. He’s given the folk punk community many good lines to sing for the rest of their lives. –Bryan Static (Get Better)