RALPH WHITE & THOR HARRIS: Tossing Pebbles on the Sleeping Beast: CD

Aug 23, 2016

“I’m sitting here thinking of a cure for my insanity,” Ralph White sings on this album he’s done with Swans percussionist Thor Harris. It’s a tough listen and more likely to drive one to insanity than being any sort of cure. White (formerly of Bad Livers) has an off-key yodel that accompanies his accordion and off-beat banjo playing. It’s only when Harris is allowed to take front stage on the percussion (such as on the closer, “Canoe”) that I was able to stomach this album. His marimba and vibes playing can be mesmerizing and serves as a welcome relief to the abrasive sound of White’s banjo and voice. Not my thing but perhaps fans of the unique stylings of Bad Livers might dig this. –Kurt Morris (Self-Sabotage, facebook.com/selfsabotagerecords)


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