Jul 20, 2021

Another anthemic, punchy record from Raging Nathans. It’s impressive that they continue to get better with each release and keep pumping out blistering poppy punk. This record has tons of rad solos, hooky melodies that quickly become earworms, and great lyrics. You don’t always get that winning combination, especially with bands that have been at it as long as these guys. The song “I Could Never Fall in Love with You” is especially catchy. It’s laden with gang vocals and cool tempo changes. It’s definitely the poppiest song on the record, and possibly their entire catalog. It’s a weird thing to say because these bands could not be more different, but the chorus to “Cemetery Drive” reminds me of My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade.” Something about the cadence of the harmonies, as well as the subject matter, really calls out that comparison for me. Many of the tracks on this record are so disparate from each other, which I think is refreshing. It’s part of what makes this a release one to revisit several times. I bet you’ll find something new each spin. –Kayla Greet (Rad Girlfriend / Brassneck)