RAGING NATHANS, THE: Sleeper Hits: Sordid Youth Vol. 1: LP

Jul 28, 2020

Been seeing this band’s name around for yeaaaaars, but always wrote them off as a Queers clone without ever hearing them. (I think it was the fact that they did a split the Nobodys that set that tone for me.) Anyway, I fucked up. These guys are great. Frenetic, catchy-as-hell pop punk with plenty of grit. They get in and get the fuck out. Decent lyrics and hooks that have no qualms about snaring you by the collar and dragging you around the room. This is an odds and ends collection gathering various 7”, split, comp, and unreleased tracks. The liner notes are cool, and the main songwriter seems entirely unafraid of talking shit about specific folks, even his own bandmates, which is always interesting. Think early Screeching Weasel or Direct Hit without the glossy Fat production. I’m a fan. –Keith Rosson (Rad Girlfriend)