Mar 17, 2021

A proper split if there ever was one. There are three songs from each band that fit super well with each other. The bands are quite similar, which often is what you want in a split, yet they’re distinct enough that it’s not too much of the same. Though The Reaganomics (Joliet, Ill.) are new to me, I’ve seen Raging Nathans (Dayton, Ohio) a couple of times and think they’re a great band. All six songs are rad, charged-up poppy punk with gritty vocals and catchy hooks. I mean, I hate to continue going back to this well, but if you were into those Fat Wreck comps in the late ’90s/early ’00s, you just might love this. I think both bands do a few things well to stand out from the pop punk moniker. There are these sick and sharp guitar leads on Raging Nathan’s “Can’t Relate,” alongside some great gang vocals. The Reaganomics song “Tear off Your Face” is so much slower than the bristling pace of their other two tracks. It is almost a sweet-sounding pop song with cool guitars, but then the lyrics bring us back to the dingy world of punk. Two great selections that go great together. It’s like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich filled with cigarette butts. –Kayla Greet (Red Scare / Rad Girlfriend)