RAGING NATHANS: Oppositional Defiance: CD

Dec 03, 2020

Reviewed this band’s singles collection recently, and this new album is keeping that running streak going—propulsive, frenetic pop punk that reminds me of early-ish Screeching Weasel and Direct Hit before they got that glossy Fat production. The songwriting here seems a bit more cohesive—which makes sense, as it’s an album and not a bunch of singles smooshed together—and they’re doing some very cool things structurally here that pay off. (Thinking in particular the entirety of “Don’t Miss the Train,” which is a weird-as-hell song that totally works, and the following almost-hardcore of “Parole Violation.”) Anyway, this band is pretty rad, the lyrics are minuscule and almost impossible to read, and the velocity and charm shines through. –Keith Rosson (Rad Girlfriend / Brassneck)