RAFAY RASHID: Kitchen Weapons: LP

Sep 22, 2023

Kitchen Weapons is an introspective breakup record about the consequences of the end of a long-term relationship. Rafay Rashid explores the themes of heartbreak, addiction, identity, religion, and growing apart together. This is indie rock that takes stylistic chances, incorporating elements of jazz, funk, and pastoral music. The first track, “Landline,” is a loping, piano-driven tune that wouldn’t be out of place on a John Lennon or George Harrison record. “Monogamy” perfectly captures the universal sentiment of the recently broken up with: “Go and test the water/ Go and test the sea/ Just don’t let it get back to me.” The standout track is “You from Me,” another meandering piano ballad that strolls along through verses about pleading a lover to stay, then delicately shifts to a beautiful bridge with Eddie Callahan-esque synths soaring into the cosmos. The effect is repeated with added saxophone to great effect in the outro. While this might not appeal to folks reading a punk zine, it is worth the time for those with broad, adventurous musical tastes. –Josh Benke (Almost Ready, [email protected], almostreadyrecords.com)

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