RADWASTE: End Times Mix Tape: LP

Aug 01, 2019

Radwaste were a mid/late-’80s Los Angeles post-punk supergroup of sorts. Formed primarily around the remnants of legendary groups 100 Flowers and 17 Pygmies, and later including members of X and The Weirdos, they took their cues from high school marching bands, employing four (!) drummers to provide the band’s complex heartbeat. Though they only managed to release a single 12” EP, 1986’s Cooking and Nothingness, during their initial run, they did record this, their debut full-length, in 1987-88, it was ultimately shelved until, thankfully, Happy Squid recently decided to dust it off, remix it, and make it available. It’s an absolute stunner—both of its seed bands are well in evidence in the sound, coupled with a heavy funk undertow that hints at some Gang Of Four influence, and that intricate, layered drumming giving the whole thing an infectious propulsion from opener “Athena” to its closing cover of Brick’s “Dazz” (the original itself a personal fave of mine). Dense, taut, mesmerizing, and seriously danceable, this is all but destined for inclusion among the many phenomenal releases to come out of L.A. County’s underground. And, to put a nice cherry on top, they’re back together and making the rounds. Fuggin’ sweet. –Jimmy Alvarado (Happy Squid, happysquid.com)