RADON: More of Their Lies: CS

Jan 30, 2019

Guys, Radon is back! It’s only been, what, twelve years since their last release? This record finds them one guitar player richer as Jen Vito from War On Women recently started pulling double duty. On this release, however, she only contributes vocals on three tracks, but it sure makes a hell of a difference. I can not get enough of “Go Forth and Hate One Another.” Such an incredible earworm. They start the record off with a cover from an old Gainesville musician Jeff London who was in King Friday who has a song called “I Wish I Was in Radon.” That Florida scene is a bit cyclical, I’d say. Singer/guitarist Dave Rohm has this robustness to his voice that makes me think of Greg Antonito (Bouncing Souls) tinged with more grit and life experience. The last track is another cover from the band Jellyfish, which I’m not familiar with. The Radon version starts out with a buzzsaw pick scrape, then a couple chords on an unplugged guitar before they launch into that trademark melodic punk. Even after I’ve listened to this release several times over, I keep coming back to “Go Forth and Hate One Another.” It’s easily one of the best songs written this year. If you’re a Radon fan, you already have this. If you’re not, let’s get started shall we? –Kayla Greet (Tiger Force Ultra / Dirt Cult)