RADIOACTIVITY: “Infected” b/w “Sleep”: 7”

Nov 22, 2017

Having solidified their legendary status as half of the Marked Men, both Jeff Burke and Mark Ryan along with recruits Daniel Fried and Gregory Rutherford (both of Bad Sports fame and an excellent band in their own right) join forces to form Radioactivity in Marked Men’s downtime in order to shake the cobwebs out of their ever-so-fruitful music writing heads. Two albums and three EPs later the musical output is as effervescent as their first full length. “Infected” is a hook-laden gem with a marvelously crafted guitar tone and a beat, however steady, that invites the hips of even the hardcorest of dudes in a GISM shirt to sway along. “Sleep” has a poppier sound but relies on its brevity and straight forwardness to lay its egg in your brain which hatches right around the time you start your morning routine after a late night listening session. It has certainly been a while since a band has come along that nearly everyone at Razorcake HQ can get behind. That says a lot, considering we come from all walks of life and, especially, musical tastes. Here’s to many more shared smiles, head bobs, and fist pumps brought on by one of the very best bands going on today. –Juan Espinosa (Wild Honey,