Dec 06, 2019

A new record from Radioactivity is always cause for celebration. There is just something about the way Jeff Burke writes songs that is simply otherworldly. Every single project he is involved with has me feeling this way, but perhaps none are as distilled as Radioactivity. These two songs continue where the last single on Wild Honey left off. Feelings of loss and alienation run through both tracks (I will admit this is just my take away, as I still cannot understand what he is singing a good portion of the time). There is a phenomenon that I have named “nerd tears.” It is kind of like when something is so great that it makes the hairs on your neck or arms stand up. I get that times a million and it results in me tearing up a bit when I hear a song or read a book or watch a movie that really excites me. It happens every single time I listen to Radioactivity. I love this so much. Where is album #3? –Ty Stranglehold (Wild Honey,