Sep 17, 2018

I’m shocked that this CD didn’t come to me completely crusted over. It’s crust through and through, from the cookie monster vocals to the punishing percussion. They do describe themselves as “hardcore combined with north woods anarcho environmentalist crust” and I really couldn’t do it better myself. Songs against war and pipelines are coupled with more posi-oriented tracks like “Free Your Mind, Free Yourself” and “We Can Make a Difference! It’s Our World,” a politics that’s visually emphasized with a chaotic line-drawing cover that seems to mostly be depicting the uprising at Standing Rock along with photos from Veterans for Standing Rock and Standing Rock Rising. I think all of that is super righteous and I completely back the sentiments this record puts forward. I’m more mixed about the execution, mostly just because it’s so within the limits of the genre that it sometimes feels like a parody of itself. But I appreciate the allegiance to a political position—something that is super foundational to good crust punk—but is often lost in favor of absorption of the aesthetic on its own. –Theresa W. (Radical Fun / Dilapidated / Fields Without Fences)