RADIATOR HOSPITAL: Sings Music for Daydreaming: LP

May 27, 2020

Contrary to what some people may think, I listen to plenty of non-punk records. Maybe better to call them bands on the fringe of punk? Whatever. If it’s got a hook and a good message, I’ll give it a shot. My time with Radiator Hospital is quite limited. I have that split they did with Martha and might have heard some other songs along the way. This record here reminds me a hell of a lot of Manchester Orchestra—mostly because of the singing—but sonically they’re not that far off either. This is super pretty and light and poppy. Great record for winding down after a rough day or de-stressing from the world being on fire. When so much of our reality at the moment is full of tension and anxiety (including my stack of punk reviews!), this is such a must-needed reprieve from chaos. There’s a bouncy piano melody! Also Sam Cook-Parrott—who is typically accompanied with a full band—has written and recorded every note of every instrument on this record. If you want something to come out a specific way, best to do it yourself right? He calls these songs the daydreams he gets into while doing menial tasks. Well I think it’s a perfect backdrop to my menial life moments. –Kayla Greet (Salinas)