RADIATION RISK: Welcome to Bad Boy City: 7”

Jan 27, 2023

This 7” starts off pretty fast then slows down with more introspective lyrics before going right back in with a song about wage slavery. Both the intro to “Thrill City Limits”and the bridge of “Graveyard Shift” have some psych and jazz instrumentals, which makes the record more interesting and keeps it from being monotonous. On the B side, “Damned as Dirt” has the vocalist singing with so much emotion that his voice cracks. The next song, “Free Flower Season,”is a short one about stealing flowers, which helps bring the spirits back up.The instrumentation is interesting on this EP—a lot of leads, tempo changes, and cool influences from jazz and psych. The guitar tone is clean and sometimes sounds like a keyboard. The bass is always able to be heard and sounds slightly electronic. I wish I saw them live! –Lint Lobotomy (Swimming Faith, swimmingfaithrecords.com / radiationrisks.bandcamp.com)

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