May 23, 2017

RAD is, well, rad. One of the best hardcore bands in Sacramento and one of the hardest bands to find on Google. Just try it. They squeeze in eleven songs in the time it takes me to run to the fridge for a beer and back. Songs like “Twins 2: The Movie (the Soundtrack),” “The Crow Soundtrack,” and “Comic Con” are nerdy as shit, granted, but it’s the sickest, toughest mix of Jerry’s Kids and D.R.I. ‘80s hardcore with Lory’s vocals at the forefront. It’s fitting that they cover Jerry’s Kids “I Don’t Belong” for all the above reasons. Croissants, spelled “Xants” on the cover, offer up a completely different sound on the flip. Three stoner punk songs “Attraction to the Mainstream,” “Don’t Play Cool,” and “Everyone’s a Rocker” are delicious downers on the doldrums of cool. –Camylle Reynolds (SAC)

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