Mar 20, 2018

Sacramento bands Rad and The Croissants (spelled Xants on this album, which actually looks really cool) released this sweet split that goes together really well. The Croissants side has three songs and is a little mellower, fun, skateboard stoner punk. “Don’t Play Cool” is a song that is about not playing cool and pretending to be someone’s friend. I get it, those people are the worst. “Everyone’s a Rocker” is a slower song with heavier riffs and talks about everyone being a rocker and having a problem. “Attraction to the Mainstream” is upbeat and has really awesome fast drums and some great upbeat guitar. The Rad side is packed with energetic hardcore and lives up to the rad namesake, because it’s so good. They fit eleven songs onto their side, and include song titles like, “Asshole Apologist,” “Twins 2: The Movie (The Soundtrack),” “Gender Neutral Cussing.” The song titles rule, and so does this band. –Cynthia Pinedo (Sacramento)