Jan 30, 2019

Four tracks of highly effective melodic punk rock. One wouldn’t be far off the mark considering the early EpiFat-type bands as being sources of inspiration for this Lawrence, Kan. outfit, given how it sounds. That means it’s well produced, has a strong guitar, pounding drums, and oodles of melody. The wheel remains round and The Rackatees have no intention of making any changes to its design. However, these tracks do sound much better than those off the band’s last release, a split 7” with Lysol Gang, and have more of an aural impact. Although I also love the vocals of Patrick Westerhaus, the icing on the cake is the six string input which provides some glorious lead fills across all the songs which pushes my air guitar skills to the limit. –Rich Cocksedge (Self-released, [email protected], therackatees.com)