R BOYD AND DUSK: High Country Skyway: LP

R Boyd And Dusk is a project featuring Andrew Harris (formerly of the Goodnight Loving) backed by, of course, Dusk from Appleton, Wis. The country aspects are the most noticeable, but I’m also hearing quite a bit of power pop, rock, and garage rock thrown in for quite the amalgamation of influences. My appreciation for country music is very limited in that I had very little, if any, exposure to it and therefore I can only speculate that the influence on this album is a nod to the band members’ (all Midwesterners) musical upbringings. Songs like “Specters” and “Mechanical Things” also lead me to believe that there might have been some Jackson Browne records spinning in the background at some point. Top to bottom, an engaging and enjoyable listen. –Juan Espinosa (JAC World, crutchofmemory.bandcamp.com)