QUITTER #10, $6, 3½” x 5”, ink-jet printed, 36 pgs.

Aug 25, 2016

Tightly kept inside a thin parchment paper sleeve, Trace Ramsey’s Quitter is a beautiful looking zine with personal stories of a small, American life. Beginning with the words, “I AM NOT A TALKER” in bold red font, the chapters that follow are all named after different ages in the author’s life. Reading through, I felt a slow, quiet American life. Every chapter recounts a memory or a personal family story. Trace’s descriptions of the nature around them and attention to detail are superb, putting the reader right into their writing, as though you’re experiencing the dry grass beneath their feet, the hot summer nights in the South, and the personal family tragedy that lives in your blood and veins and travels on to your children. This contemplative, small, and deep zine is something you’ll read through quickly, and then want to immediately re-read again. –Tricia Ramos (Quitter, 100 E Kansas Ave, #248 Lansing, KS, 66043, pioneerspress.com)

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