QUICKSAND: Interiors: LP

Jan 31, 2018

This is Quicksand’s first album in twenty-two years. I love the band’s debut, Slip, but am not quite as much of a fan of their second release, Manic Compression. Thus, I was curious about Interiors. What struck me first about many of the songs on the album is how they have strong grooves. It’s such a pleasure to hear loud bass that demands movement, especially when it locks in with the drums. Sergio Vega’s playing is great on “Feels like a Weight Has Been Lifted,” “Under the Screw,” and “Warm and Low.” I could listen to those songs again and again. I can hear some Deftones type sound in some of the music (which isn’t surprising considering Vega has been playing with them for a few years now), but this is still firmly in the post-hardcore camp. It’s more Fugazi mixed with Deftones than anything else. It’s unrealistic to expect Quicksand to sound exactly as they did twenty-two years ago, but this is a great forty minutes of music for both old and new fans. –Kurt Morris (Epitaph, epitaph.com)