Dec 06, 2019

I’ve never read Moby Dick, so the reference to the novel from the band’s moniker came as something of a surprise when I did some research on this Scottish duo. With that bit of education under my belt, I was able to settle down and listen to an output that is in the ballpark of electro-punk/rock. Title track “Daddy” leads off the proceedings and is the most memorable of the four songs featured—all of which are haunting, well produced, and could find favor with a mainstream audience. It is the only one that remains in my head afterwards whereas the remaining tracks are okay but not that memorable. I was surprised that this found a home on a label that has quite a punk edge to it, but from what I can tell, this duo is definitely an underground outfit and by that definition fits well with what MTAT is about. –Rich Cocksedge (Make That A Take, [email protected], makethatatakerecords.com)