QUAKER WEDDING: Jilted Lover: 7”

My basic ass record player doesn’t usually like dealing with a lathe cut record, but hey, this one played just fine! If I didn’t know any better I’d think this was Jesse Thorson shredding his vocal chords on a Slow Death b-side. Instead this is a three piece out of NYC, with Marco from Salinas Records! This record is two sweet songs of love lost, reminiscing, regret, and self-reflection. The A-side is narrated by the dumper in a past relationship who is second guessing their decision. I gotta be honest, it’s really grown up and refreshing to hear a song about a break-up that’s not about how the other person fucked up and ruined your life. This one acknowledges the joy they shared together over years as they admit “even though I’m the one who left.” On the flip side is a song that describes the opposite of my last relationship. Pining for a lost relationship by revisiting places in Portland, Ore. that you shared together? It’s a song I wish I could love! But instead it dregs up memories of a shitty alcoholic. Hah, here I am being that person I described at the beginning of this review. Personal experiences aside, “Where You Used to Live” comes off as a very sweet and nostalgic display of missing youth instead of stalker-y. Maybe you’re raising your eyebrow now, but that’s not an easy thing to pull off. Just look at years of pop punk songs about girls if you need a reference point! You like Jawbreaker? You’re going to love this. –Kayla Greet (Salinas)