PUZZLE: Halfway Home: LP

Jul 20, 2022

This came my way out of nowhere. Introduced to the band by a friend who thought I’d like it and then sent a copy by the label to review, sometimes I have to consider myself to be a very lucky person indeed. Puzzle is a three piece from Liverpool with a penchant for easy-going indie tunes, beautifully structured songs, and blessed by the melancholic vocals of Lucy, whose voice has a lovely timbre to it. Puzzle works in the same way that Lemuria does, creating lush songs which make use of interesting arrangements and a flexible musical landscape. The results are tracks like “Cemetery,” an intriguing mix of post-punk and folk, and “Wave Goodbye,” which is one of the tracks featuring a bit more of an edge. The former is a real gem of a track with a beautifully warm, fuzzy tone to it. This is a really good album, one which I can sit back and luxuriate in as it works its magic on me. –Rich Cocksedge (Defend Vinyl, [email protected])