PUTZ, THE: Rise and Shine: LP

A contender for best pop punk album of 2020, Rise and Shine is the latest LP from prolific Indianapolis stalwarts The Putz. The traditions started in their city by progenitors Sloppy Seconds are alive and well in Indy, with The Putz delivering quintessential 1990s pop punk, informed by the records that came before and after that peak period. All fourteen of these tracks contain instant singalong refrains that will stick with you like the Heavenly Bodies soundtrack did in the 1980s, the difference being that you won’t mind these hits rattling around in your head. Well-recorded and impeccably mixed, Rise and Shine well-replicates the fab sound that they’re known for at their stellar live shows. Fans of definitive pop punk will absolutely adore this record. –Art Ettinger (Eccentric Pop, eccentricpop.com)