PUTZ, THE / PROTON PACKS: International Split-Series Vol.: 3: 7”EP

Jan 30, 2019

While Europe’s wave of pop punk has been significant, The Putz are a band on the forefront of the American line of bands living the spirit of the ’90s Lookout Records sound. Even though I’ve crossed paths with these incredibly nice guys before, I’d never actually heard their tunes, which I can now say are nothing short of great. Both songs are sharp, to the point, and well executed, just like they should be. I’ll definitely need to hear one of the LPs. Proton Packs from Italy are no different. To-the-point, Ramones-style, all catchy and memorable. Again, if this genre is for you, you’re going to want to be paying attention. –Steve Adamyk (Mom’s Basement, momsbasementrecords.bandcamp.com)